Go green


ELRO Signs is committed to operating our manufacturing and sales facilities in complete compliance with all environmental regulations. We strive to protect the quality of our environment and the health and safety of our employees and the communities where we operate.

We are focused on zero waste generation and the continual reduction of our total carbon footprint by constant improvements in all our processes. This goal guides our manufacturing process and our relationships with suppliers and customers.

Recycling of all materials is part of this on-going effort, as well as providing education to our customers on technological advancements in signage that impact the reduction of their carbon footprint.

We are committed to paper reduction and the use of all available electronic medium in our business and client communication processes. We help our client base to take advantage of all rebate and incentive energy programs available to them by their taking advantage of energy efficient products. We do these things with a deep concern for the future health of our environment.


Frank J. Rhodes, C.E.O.


Waste Disposal

  • We strive to minimize our disposal of waste.
  • We go the extra effort to properly dispose of mercury containing fluorescent lamps and neon tubing.
  • We properly dispose of spent paints, thinners, reducers, adhesives, and paint catalysts.

Internal Operations

  • ELRO Signs’ manufacturing operations work a 4 day week, nationwide, which reduces our in house energy consumption.
  • We use low VOC paint, to reduce hazardous emissions, while not sacrificing the quality and endurance of your sign finishes.
  • We use our manufacturing expertise to minimize waste and find ways to manufacture signs more energy efficiently and environmentally friendly.
  • Our exterior lights are on timers, not photocells, to reduce energy consumption.
  • We use recyclables wherever possible


  • New technologies lower energy consumption and increase sign life. LED lighting is now used in many of our illuminated letters. LEDs reduce energy consumption, last longer and reduce power plant pollution.
  • We use low VOC paint, to reduce hazardous emissions, while not sacrificing the quality and endurance of your sign finishes.
  • Electronic transformers and ballasts are much more energy efficient then their older counterparts and last longer.
  • T-8 lamps are being incorporated into our signs which, combined with electronic sign ballasts, save energy consumption, increase the light intensity, and are effective at accurate rendering of color.


  • We do our best to recycle wherever possible and to use recyclable raw materials
  • ELRO Signs recycles metals, plastics, paint filters, rags, ballasts, transformers, and batteries.